practicing psychologist Kristina Malysheva

practicing psychologist Kristina Malysheva

Practicing psychologist, existential consultant with 7 years of private practice experience. Full member of the Ukrainian Association of Existential Counseling. One of the co-founders of the psychological club “Presence”. ⓕ Author and leader of small therapeutic groups with elements of film therapy and bibliotherapy. Coordinator of the Kharkov site of the International School of Existential Counseling MIEK.

A significant part of my clients are young people who experience difficulties in finding themselves, their vocation, a place in life, a companion along the way.

Working with problems:

– Feeling of emptiness and meaninglessness of life;
– Existential crises (age, professional, family, etc.);
– Experience of loneliness, break, loss;
– Difficulties in parent-child relationships;
– Interpersonal problems (conflicts, jealousy, resentment, alienation, etc.);
– Volitional disorders (apathy, boredom, laziness).

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